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Total observability from the level of a single platform. Dynatrace All-In-One brings together all the tools to control and improve the performance of digital infrastructure and applications, available “at a click.” It provides full control over the IT environment, showing in advance real capabilities. By doing so, it makes it possible to truly put Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles into practice.

The Dynatrace platform has been developed on the basis of the 5 steps concept. The first is to locate metrics and dependencies based on which potential causes of errors and performance problems can be found. The second is to observe them on an ongoing basis and learn to combine, group, and classify them. In the third step, by learning repeatable lessons, the platform automates processes and moves into action, i.e. eliminates errors and the causes of performance drops. This makes it possible to improve the collaboration of teams within DevOps in the next step.


In the final step, after all elements of the company's IT systems have been brought up to scratch and are working at maximum capacity, it adds comprehensive protection and maximum cyber security – Application Security. This is how DevOps models are evolving into DevSecOps, becoming complementary and responsive to the dynamics of change in today's IT environments.

The entire process is controlled by Dynatrace’s 5 proprietary technologies, proving that APM today is much more than just a control tool.

  • OneAgent – a single “digital agent” that, when attached to a company’s IT environment, independently retrieves all parameters and metrics from the entire production cycle of the application. It requires no configuration, no additional plug-ins, and no technical expertise;
  • PurePath – all transactions and customer paths at your fingertips. Identification, collection, and analysis of all traces left by users at code level;
  • Smartscape – an interactive map showing the entire topology of the IT environment. Full insight into how all its components work together, in a clear, visualised form;
  • Davis AI/AIOps – an artificial intelligence-based analysis engine capable of analysing almost 370 billion relationships per second. Autonomously providing answers to questions about how to improve particular processes before they are asked;
  • Hyperscale – unlimited scope of monitoring. The ability to auto-integrate all components of IT environments into an All-In-One platform, regardless of their size, number of applications, or cloud platforms.

All-In-One is a big step forward in the digital transformation process, where all IT tools directly related to business performance, including sales volume, R&D, Digital/User Experience, or competitive landscape analysis are not just deployed, but are subject to constant monitoring and performance evaluation. All this to bring out their real potential, which is often out of reach.

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Viavi Solutions is a global leader in network performance management solutions – Network Performance Monitoring, as classified by Gartner. Its origins go back to the late 1970s. Decades of experience have enabled it to create a range of products, both software and physical hardware, ready to meet the requirements of the world’s largest companies.

Today, more than 1.6 million instruments developed by Viavi are in use. As many as 100,000 data centres around the world rely on the communications quality control and cyber security tools provided by Viavi. So far, the company has registered over 2100 original patents.

Viavi's Observer platform is a comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic tool (NPMD) for corporate infrastructure designed to extract previously unattainable peaks in performance and data transfer rates. All this without losing even a single packet of data and, to ensure its maximum security, with proactive detection and response to all recorded anomalies.

The products and services from Viavi Solutions can control absolutely any type of infrastructure – cable (fibre, copper) or wireless (radio, 5G) and analyse the efficiency of any physical or virtualised device. They identify “weak spots,” assess bandwidth consumption, or eliminate communication errors, providing all the necessary statistics and reports in real-time. All this from the level of an intuitive platform to see at what speed the company’s network is actually able to work.

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VERSIO.IO is a software platform that provides a central inventory of resources and configurations for business and IT, as well as detects and processes their changes. The solution is based on the configuration database (CMDB), which is created and updated by itself. Based on its analysis, we obtain added values such as compliance reporting, cost allocation, security audits or business process monitoring.

The status of each element can be seen on the timeline showing the chronological record of the changes made. This allows you to check as well as restore the state before modification from a selected point in the past.

Resources and configurations can depend on each other. The topologization service automatically creates maps of such dependencies. Moreover, it allows you to compare them at different points in time.

All the business-important elements of the systems at every level of the organization can be intercepted - archived, with the topology of connections and stored in a central repository.

This is possible thanks to OneImporter - an application that captures data from a wide range of sources. Its operation allows all changes to be detected and post-processed. Fully automatic, no complicated maintenance required.

The data model is open, it is possible to freely add your own integrations with the definition of attributes and configuration structure. The option of adding and extracting information from the database via API is also available. Assigning privileges to dedicated environments provides access to information only to authorized users.



Snyk is an application security platform that helps development teams find, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities in first-party code, open source packages, container images, and infrastructure-as-code configurations.

Snyk integrates directly with application development tools and production pipelines. It uses an extensive vulnerability database to provide accurate and up-to-date scan results. Additionally, Snyk helps teams prioritize and remediate security vulnerabilities.

Key benefits:
  • Increased security – Snyk helps organizations protect themselves against attacks and security breaches.
  • Reduced risk – released applications are free from critical vulnerabilities.
  • Reduced costs – Snyk can help organizations save money on repairs and compensation in the event of a security breach.

Snyk’s main features:

  • Code scanning – analyzes application code looking for vulnerabilities, e.g. in libraries and frameworks. Integrates with code repositories (e.g. GitHub, Bitbucket) and directly with developer IDEs
  • Reporting – generates detailed reports on detected security vulnerabilities with prioritization of vulnerabilities and repair guidelines.
  • Fixing – automatically creates pull requests with fixes to eliminate vulnerabilities by updating libraries or configurations.
  • Monitoring – enables continuous scanning of repository code and alerting about new vulnerabilities.
  • License management – detects problems related to the licenses of libraries used in the application.
  • CI/CD Integrations – vulnerability analysis can be built into CI/CD pipelines.
  • Snyk helps companies and developers find and fix application security vulnerabilities automatically. It allows you to build and deliver more secure software. The platform is easy to use and scalable, making it suitable for organizations of any size. The solution is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.


    Sysdig Secure uses a unified platform to ensure security, monitoring and investigation in the cloud, containers and microservice architecture integrated with Docker and Kubernetes.

    Protection in Sysdig Secure is based on the "service-aware" approach, which enables simultaneous: deep visibility into the cloud and containers, security assessment (compliance, benchmarks, CIEM), vulnerability scanning, analysis as well as detection and blocking of threats.

    Sysdig Secure
    Key features:
    • Presenting relevant safety data in a standardized way
    • Host and image scanning, auditing and vulnerability management capabilities:
      • Warnings about unscanned images or images whose rating status has changed due to newly discovered vulnerabilities.
      • Logging of user actions, container activity, command line arguments.
      • Enforce security policies and block attacks.
    • Provides management of the security standard in a distributed environment:
      • Easily schedule benchmarks to run in the context of the cloud, hosts or clusters.
      • Controlling compliance with regulations in cloud environments, at the orchestrator and container level.
      • Tracking and optimizing user privileges in the cloud.
      • Exporting results to SIEM or other tools used by organizations.
    • Provides real-time detection:
      • Real-time threat identification and blocking based on application, container and network activity.
      • Kernel instrumentation to track all system calls of applications, containers, hosts and networks.
      • Insight into security policy violations based on orchestrated services.
      • Multi-cloud event management with single or multiple accounts.
    • Incident response and analysis support:
      • Protection of distributed, dynamic and ephemeral services.
      • Create detailed snapshots of system activity for a policy violation or incident, allowing action to be taken against suspicious activity.
      • Drill down from policy violation events to captured pre- and post-attack activity in full granularity.
      • Integrated alerting and incident response.
    • Ease of integration

    Sysdig Secure is part of the Sysdig Container Intelligence platform.



    Keysight is a global leader in Network Visibility, Test and Security. Recognizing that network challenges related to cloud migration, virtualization, SD-WAN and edge computing require a proven source of truth, Keysight offers a complete portfolio of testing, monitoring and security products.

    Enterprises, service providers, government and financial institutions, and network solution providers around the world use Keysight solutions to build and manage their IT environment.

    The company has deep knowledge of the challenges of maintaining network solutions, as well as the inevitable security and performance issues. That's why Keysight created the ATI (Application and Threat Intelligence) Research Center - an elite group of leading application and security researchers from around the world. Their expertise includes software development, reverse engineering, vulnerability assessment and remediation, malware investigation and intelligence data gathering.

    Over 20 years of experience has enabled Keysight Technologies to provide Threat Simulator, a Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) platform that simplifies continuous review of your defenses and optimizes the effectiveness of your security operations (SecOps) team.

    Threat Simulator is a platform that directly addresses the requirements of new regulations - NIS2 and DORA in the field of verification and audits of the effectiveness of security systems. The solution automatically and continuously measures risk and indicates vulnerabilities. To find vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and rule deviations, Threat Simulator securely simulates real-world attacks, from malware transmission and exfiltration to lateral movement across segmented networks and endpoints. It then provides recommendations that help optimize security levels and costs. With network security solutions, you can continually review your defenses, reduce your attack surface, and prove you're safer than you were yesterday.

    In addition to Threat Simulator, Keysight offers a number of solutions in the field of Network Security, such as:

    Application and Threat Intelligence Subscription - Continuous real-time data feeds to ensure current application and threat intelligence at all times

    BreakingPoint - Validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and a complete range of threat vectors

    BreakingPoint VE - Virtual edition of Breaking Point to validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and a complete range of threat vectors

    BreakingPoint QuickTest - Turn-Key performance and security testing to validate devices and network security with real-world applications and threat vectors

    BreakingPoint Cloud - A SaaS cybersecurity monitoring platform with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack simulation

    Cyber Range - A controlled environment for security professionals to gain hands-on cyber skills and to test the organization’s security posture

    CyPerf - Validate security and performance of hybrid / cloud infrastructures with industry-first cloud-native, elastic test application

    IoT Security Assessment - Comprehensive, automated security testing for IoT devices

    TrafficREWIND - Translate production network traffic into real traffic stimulus for BreakingPoint tests

    Keysight Network Visibility solutions provide full visibility of physical, virtual and software-defined networks using network packet brokers, by-pass switches and network taps (physical and virtual).

    Best-in-class Network Packet Brokers provide inline or out-of-band operation with guaranteed no packet loss, using filters and active-active security.

    Keysight Network Packet Brokers – Key features:

    • Dedicated hardware acceleration provides a Zero packet loss architecture.
    • Filtering of traffic so that each monitoring or inline security tool receives exactly the right data.
    • SSL decryption to quickly detect emerging threats encrypting exploits within application traffic.
    • Dynamic filter compiler handles all filter rule complexities automatically — no overlapping filter rule headaches.
    • Aggregation of traffic from multiple TAPs or SPAN ports.
    • Load-balancing of traffic to multiple analysis tools.
    • L7 application awareness efficiently allows for packet processing based on unique applications.

    Network Test Solutions

    The Network Test family of solutions is helpful where you need to verify an existing or planned network for optimal performance and compliance with standards. This means testing networks in hybrid environments for different protocols, traffic patterns, and application workloads. It's not easy, but the initial work will not only reap rewards in the form of satisfied users and proven performance; it is also more profitable. After all, the cost of fixing bugs found before implementation is 90-100 times lower than those in production.

    We offer a wide range of network testing solutions for the most demanding network architectures:

    Layer 1

    Validate high-speed network elements at all stages of product development – Keysight allows for design and simulation, analysis, debugging and compliance testing.

    Layers 2/3

    Evaluate complex topologies with thousands of network devices, including SDN/NFV, emulate complex traffic streams, and perform stress testing in a variety of network conditions.

    Layers 4-7

    Create realistic modeling scenarios with network testing software - test and emulate your network and applications at scale, and measure the quality of converged services across multiple wired technologies.

    Performance Monitoring Solutions - provide the best possible user experience.

    As an active monitoring platform, Hawkeye is the ideal tool for continuously managing performance and connectivity across your entire network. Hawkeye makes it easy to monitor remote locations, data centers, cloud services and more - all from one tool.

    Whether you're measuring the experience of remote users on voice applications, branch office users on Wi-Fi, or overall connectivity to SaaS applications, it's easy to monitor, manage, and maintain peak performance. With Hawkeye you can:

    • choose from a rich set of ready-made QoS tests
    • monitor voice, video and unified communications tools with ready-made integrations
    • cut through the noise with clear pass/fail metrics
    • see all your performance data in one interface
    • set custom alarm thresholds based on individual quality standards

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