Performance, reliability and stability of IT systems

Omnilogy is committed to ensuring fully efficient and trouble-free operation of IT systems, taking care of their every component – both physical (network infrastructure) and digital (applications).

We provide tools from international leaders in monitoring IT environments, along with added value that includes specialist expertise and several decades of experience.

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Best AI-based application and platform monitoring [DPM/APM]

Comprehensive monitoring of application performance, assessing the quality of the Digital Experience and its impact on end-user satisfaction. Guaranteed cyber security of cloud-based software and much more in a tile-based and intuitive control centre for your company’s digital assets. With an intelligent consultant (the Al Davis engine) sharing accurate insights.

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Viavi Solutions is a global leader in network performance management solutions – Network Performance Monitoring, as classified by Gartner. Its origins go back to the late 1970s. Decades of experience have enabled it to create a range of products, both software and physical hardware, ready to meet the requirements of the world’s largest companies. Today, more than 1.6 million instruments developed by Viavi are in use. As many as 100,000 data centres around the world rely on the communications quality control and cyber security tools provided by Viavi. So far, the company has registered over 2100 original patents.

Detection and processing of changes in IT environments. Historicization and topologisation of data collected in a real-time updated configuration database (CMDB). Agent-based solution with wide possibilities of automation and integration.

Snyk ensures application security. It helps development teams find, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities in their own code, open source packages, container images, and infrastructure-as-code configurations.

Snyk integrates directly with application development tools (IDEs) and production pipelines. It uses an extensive vulnerability database to provide accurate and up-to-date scanning results, as well as propose remediation methods if vulnerabilities are detected.

Thanks to the proprietary combination of DeepCode AI with industry experience, it allows you to prioritize and automate, eliminating false positive alarms.

Sysdig Secure uses a unified platform to ensure security, monitoring and investigation in the cloud, containers and microservice architecture integrated with Docker and Kubernetes.

Protection in Sysdig Secure is based on the "service-aware" approach, which enables simultaneous: deep visibility into the cloud and containers, security assessment (compliance, benchmarks, CIEM), vulnerability scanning, analysis as well as detection and blocking of threats.

Secure, accessible and responsive networks powered by Keysight.

Keysight is a network power and security source and enables high-frequency testing of network infrastructure with simulated traffic triggering from the master switch and attacks and auxiliary signal of each module running over the network.

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A monitoring centre that provides an overview of application environments, all transactions taking place in them, tracking customer paths, and identifying “bottlenecks” and errors that reduce performance.

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Unattended management of thousands of microservices creating cloud-native applications with automatic configuration, auto instrumentation and proactive problem finding.

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Real-time reporting

Continuous, ongoing analysis of the performance and functionality of cloud platforms and of the applications running in their environment. Prioritising actions to be taken immediately, while maintaining maximum conversion.

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Intelligent Assistant

Support from Davis – an AI-based assistant that is capable of processing billions of relationships between microservices in milliseconds, does not have to “guess,” and learns in the blink of an eye.


It is difficult to succeed in our business without thinking in terms of the success of our customers.
Omnilogy’s greatest asset is competence. That is why we can help you in many areas.

Network monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) is the ability to collect network data and apply deep analytics to optimise IT resources in real-time or after an event. By analysing data at packet or flow level in today's era of remote working, mobile technologies and IoT, you get a powerful support in countering undesirable events in performance, availability, and security. VIAVI’s NPM tools proactively identify the most serious network issues by assessing the end-user experience and diagnosing problems as well as thanks to built-in analysers that guide IT teams from detection to incident resolution. The entire intelligence is supported by complete, unmodified packet and flow data, providing data for detailed security testing and monitoring TCP communications with unique IP addresses, MAC addresses up to network user identifiers. This provides an effective tool to optimise network connectivity and analyse the root cause of network and application performance issues. The Viavi Observer platform provides comprehensive, consistent, single-access visibility of the status of critical IT assets from multiple data centres, the Network Edge, or the cloud. Observer provides visibility into network and application products from an end-user perspective and supports network and operational teams in ensuring maximum IT service efficiency and optimising data centre performance through three critical use cases:

  • Managing new initiatives and day-to-day operations;
  • Mitigating risks associated with planned and unexpected events;
  • Resolving performance and security issues.

VIAVI’s network performance monitoring solution serves as a starting point for troubleshooting service anomalies, packet loss, network resource management, and supporting investigations of Incidents of Concern (IOCs) or confirmed security breaches. This starting point ensures that IT teams can quickly access relevant application, network, database, infrastructure, and user operating rates for various critical network performance and security scenarios. That means spending less time troubleshooting and more time driving digital transformation in your business.

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Infrastructure monitoring

A single, comprehensive source of information on the performance of all elements of the digital infrastructure..

  1. 1. Automatic monitoring of servers, disks, networks, virtual machines, multi- and hybrid-cloud platforms;
  2. 2. Identification and analysis of all logs within the infrastructure. Not even the smallest parameter is overlooked;
  3. 3. Intelligent interpretation of billions of dependencies by the artificial intelligence engine (Davis AI) and thousands of improvements implemented per second;
  4. 4. Auto-management of incident response.

Auto-management of incident response

An industry leading APM (Application Performance Monitoring) and DPM (Digital Performance Monitoring) tool that sets the pace for solutions in this area:

  1. Automatic detection of system performance problems;
  2. Monitoring of microservices running in containers;
  3. Evaluation and optimisation of applications – how they accomplish their tasks and how they communicate;
  4. Registration of all transactions at every stage, down to the code level. Maximum “deep dive” into the details of customer paths so you understand what they really expect from your application or website, all this thanks to PurePath technology,
  5. Database health under constant scrutiny – learn how applications use databases and where they encounter database access issues that impact their performance;
  6. One hundred percent coverage of the technology stack and the broadest range of monitoring solutions on the market controlling code quality, application architecture (cloud, on-premise or hybrid hosted), SaaS service performance, and more;;
  7. Implementation of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles and a guarantee of the highest levels of key performance indicators for customers (SLI and SLO).

Digital Experience

Taking the user experience of your applications to a whole new level. With the highest level of developer satisfaction in the Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) service segment according to G2.

  • Synthetic monitoring that automatically detects production and development issues before they occur at the customer site;
  • Real-User Monitoring that instantly classifies customer experience of an application and indicates which areas need improvement;
  • Recording and playback of each session “through the eyes of the user” to best evaluate the functionality, intuitiveness and usability of the application;
  • Cross-sectional insight into each component of your mobile application (including those provided by external suppliers) and review of their performance.

Cloud Automation

Cloud tamed. Regardless of the number of platforms in multi- or hybrid-cloud environments. Faster innovation cycles, accelerated upgrades, and high quality application launches. DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) best practices at your fingertips

  1. Seamless integration of your DevOps toolchain with the Dynatrace All-In-One platform;
  2. High quality step-by-step code processing with continuous testing and analysis of SLI, SLO metrics;
  3. Immediate response and communication of all bugs and issues to development teams based on a single consistent source of insight;
  4. Automatic comparison of performance and quality of each version and, if necessary, instant restoration of the last stable one (thanks to Davis AIOps support);
  5. Support for all core technologies and cloud solutions (Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Openshift, Tnazu).

Application Security

A new quality of collaboration between development teams in DevSecOps. Applications equipped with effective self-protection and proactive cybersecurity

  1. A new quality of collaboration between development teams in DevSecOps. Applications equipped with effective self-protection and proactive cybersecurity;
  2. Analysing cybersecurity levels and vulnerabilities of applications in pre-production and production phase;;
  3. Identifying risk levels by analysing the potential impact of a cyber attack, as shown in the Smartscape dependency map. Analysing the attack vector thanks to distributed tracking in PurePath technology;
  4. Identifying all vulnerabilities in the Kubernetes infrastructure and in applications running in containers, virtual machines, or on traditional servers;
  5. Focusing on exposures critical to application production.

Business Analytics

Accurate and clear conclusions about conversions, the impact of infrastructure and application performance on revenue and customer segmentation in terms of their importance to your business. Know the real worth of powerful digital tools.

  1. Creating effective communication bridges between IT and business teams to ensure easy translation of digital tool performance into sales;
  2. Automated data aggregation from over 30 of the most popular statistical tools, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Intercom, among others;
  3. No more guesswork about which optimisation activities are beneficial and which are not;
  4. Accurate indication of “customer path” steps that can be optimised to increase conversions. Searching for new prospects based on analysis of geographic locations, product types and segments, customer classifications, etc.

Monitoring UX / CX

Customers are becoming more demanding in terms of quality and contact options with service and support departments. The efficiency of unified communication has a direct impact on the overall user experience (UX). According to a Hubspot study, as many as 90% of customers consider the immediacy of response to their queries and communication attempts to be a very important factor in determining whether they will use a particular company’s offering again. UX monitoring is a guarantee of maximum effectiveness of customer service departments. Your service professionals, support experts as well as product and service sales specialists get full insight into the functional status of all their customer contact tools, including:

  • Automatic alerting when a drop in quality or loss of access to audio-video communications is detected in complex IT environments with multi-vendor software;
  • Identification of individual users of the company’s communications channels who are experiencing connectivity or connection quality issues;
  • Ongoing analysis of network bandwidth usage for audio-video transmission with tools to optimise it.


At a time when cyber threats are on the rise and online criminals are using increasingly efficient methods, including those that leverage artificial intelligence, the right question to ask about company network security should be not “if” but “when” our corporate infrastructure will also be targeted by cybercriminals. An analysis by Cybersecurity Ventures shows that up to $6 trillion is diverted to the global economy annually through their activities. Very often, cyber attacks are initiated “from within,” i.e. from within the infrastructure, and current systems, such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS /IDS), are usually limited in their ability to detect and combat them. A responsible cybersecurity strategy, therefore, requires something more, including:

  • Automatic and proactive detection of anomalies at all levels of the company network;
  • Insight into an integrated map of current global threats;
  • Incident-by-incident response profiling
  • Malware signature detection;
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in your SSL/TLS encryption infrastructure.

from the level of Viavi Solutions’ groundbreaking proprietary platform – Observer.


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Original solutions and consulting

Omnilogy also offers a range of proprietary solutions supported by echnologies from global leaders in application monitoring and optimisation, networking and customer experience. In addition, we can guarantee comprehensive consulting support and offer expertise from decades of experience in implementing APM/NPMD/ UX &CX tools:

  1. Building a complete IT monitoring system. Customised analysis of the needs of a particular company or institution, assessing the complexity of the entire infrastructure and the applications and microservices used to select the best tools. Full implementation of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles;.
  2. Long-term collaboration support in the implementation of our solutions, performed remotely or on-site at the customer’s premises;
  3. Support in verifying the performance and benefits achieved by the implemented solutions;.
  4. A wide range of training courses on Dynatrace and Viavi Solutions. Comprehensive training on how to use them and effectively exploit their capabilities. The training is delivered by experts with many years of implementation experience;.
  5. Big Data analytics from within your own applications and using the potential of Elasticesearch tools.
  6. DevOps cycle modernisation. We know how to improve communication and collaboration between development teams to ensure maximum use of talent and expertise. And also how to use the available IT resources in the most efficient way.

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We have decades of experience in designing, building, and delivering network, platform, and application monitoring solutions.

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With us, contact with the customer does not cease at the end of the implementation project. We are always willing to provide any support, both in technical and “purely business” terms.

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A very wide array of services to meet the highest demands of companies of any business scale.

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Our market standing is supported not only by a number of awards and certificates but also by the positive feedback from our customers.

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We do not offer “all IT solutions.” We know that there are hardly any companies today that do not rely on technology, and we have specialised in a specific service area.

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