Dynatrace announces enhanced AI-powered observability for Microsoft Azure

23 September, 2020 16:20 5 min Jan Kowalski

Coverage across all Azure Monitor services to deliver more precise AI-powered answers, enabling organizations to efficiently deploy and run cloud environments and accelerate digital transformation

WALTHAM, MA, July 21, 2020 — Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), announced today the extension of its Software Intelligence Platform to automatically ingest metrics from all services supported by Microsoft Azure Monitor, Microsoft’s solution for collecting telemetry data from Azure environments. Combining these metrics with the data already captured by the Dynatrace® platform provides customers with even more precise insights into their Azure and multicloud environments, driving faster cloud adoption and more effective digital transformation.

With this extension, Dynatrace will ingest metrics from the complete set of over 80 Azure Monitor services that span application and microservices workloads, as well as infrastructure-related services.  This means metrics from services such as Azure HDInsight for Apache Hadoop, Spark and Kafka, Azure Container Instances for easy container deployment, and Azure Kubernetes Service are now automatically combined with the distributed tracing, log, user experience, and other observability data already processed by the Dynatrace platform. With this richer data set from Azure, Dynatrace’s Smartcape® which continuously maps a customer’s full-stack topology, and the Dynatrace AI engine, Davis™, can instantly identify and prioritize a broader set of issues and anomalies in Azure environments, and provide even more precise answers, saving organizations time, money, and resources.

“Dynatrace is purpose-built for cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure, with automation and intelligence at the core,” said Steve Tack, SVP Product Management, Dynatrace. “While we have always provided distributed tracing and code-level insights for applications running on Azure, extending our platform to ingest all metrics from all Azure Monitor services enables Dynatrace and Azure customers to migrate more services to the cloud and transform even faster, with greater confidence and less risk.”

“The need for faster digital transformation is driving organizations to increase their investment in cloud-native development using Microsoft Azure,” said Casey McGee, Vice President, Global ISV Sales, Microsoft. “We are pleased that Dynatrace is extending its AI-powered Software Intelligence Platform to ingest metrics from all Azure Monitor services, enabling better automation and intelligence, both of which are critical for customers as they transform.”

Dynatrace’s ability to ingest metrics from all Azure Monitor services will be available within the next 90 days. For more information on the new enhancements to Dynatrace’s capabilities for Microsoft Azure, visit the Dynatrace blog or experience a Dynatrace Power Demo.

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