Unified communications monitoring

Your business is based on unified communications? You run a call center or maybe provide a call center as a service? It is crucial for such businesses thatvoice and video call quality meets the highest standards and works smoothly. However, it is extremely difficult to rely on performance metrics provided by a unified communication software vendor, as they don’t provide insight into network and its quality. Network monitoring is an ultimate source of truth when users complain on call quality when you have to react immediately.

We deliver a solution that lets you:

  • Replay single VoIP calls based on reconstruction of a packet stream captured in real time;
  • Get alerted whenever VoIP call or video transmission quality standards are not met;
  • Identify users affected by quality, service availability, or performance issues;
  • Optimize bandwidth utilization by analysis of codecs in use.

Continuous packet stream capture provides your network management team an ability to quickly troubleshoot voice and video connection issues, quality and performance of the calls, and deep packet analysis with support for all well known codecs. And all of this can be automated, so the team don’t have to spend their precious time watching the screens of reacting to angry users’ calls.


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