Test data management

As today’s DevOps teams need to act faster, they need to streamline automated testing with quality test data. This, in turn, requires a cross-platform tool, FILE-AID, that is able to:

  • Effectively manage files and data across platforms
  • Compare data files or objects to simplify the test results validation process
  • Reformat files by easily modifying an existing file format instead of starting from scratch
  • Extract and load related subsets of data from multiple databases and files
  • Ensure all test conditions are met by selecting the precise application test data you need
  • Customize test data for a particular application and specific conditions
  • Automate these activities using tools you already own, such as Jenkins

By using FILE-AID and Topaz, your teams may spend more time on development and reduce time to prepare test data. This means they have improved productivity while the total cost of test data management is decreased.

FILE-AID complemented by Topaz for Enterprise gives you control over test data formats, multi-platform support and data privacy providing:

  • Data breach prevention
  • Compliance with data privacy laws

Your teams may mask sensitive or private data with a set of rules (no code required), build sophisticated rule logic, and provide data integrity while preparing test data subsets.


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