Support for SecOps

Information security is a basic business need, as basic as security in your private life. Various reports say that at least 30% of companies has been attacked by cyber criminals, and this trend is permanently growing. That means, that also your company is a target of a cyber attack. An interesting aspect of the trend is that most of the cyber attacks have been launched from the inside of the corporate network. Therefore, as IPS/IDS solutions are blind there, these attacks need more attention.

We deliver a strong monitoring solution for network forensics that supports security teams in breach investigations and supplements existing Data Leak Protection systems by providing:

  • Automated anomaly and illegal/illegitimate activity detection;
  • Malware signature detection;
  • Reconstruction of network activity based on captured packet data;
  • Identification of SSL/TLS tier weaknesses for security compliance purposes.

Monitoring of network traffic on premises and in the cloud is as important as preventing against attacks and breach attempts from the outside. Having the captured traffic safely stored helps understand the nature of cyberattacks and provides you learning material for preparing a better defense in the future.


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