Performance auditing and optimization

We help our customers conduct application performance audits and provide detailed analysis and recommendations for improvement. This, in turn, helps our customers improve their digital customer experience and/or get better service from their service providers.

As we care about our customers and their budgets, we can also support your IT organization in product enablement in a way that provides optimized return on investment in modern monitoring solutions. We help IT teams leverage the best breed DPM, NPMD, UX/CXM, and Big Data solutions to identify and fix performance bottlenecks in all tiers of the application environment. In addition to technology-related factors, we also help business stakeholders understand how their applications are use by the end users and how to maximize conversion rate based on behavioral analysis.

Our recommendations on performance improvements are based on industry best practices and our own experiences. Having extensive expertise in monitoring, we provide our directions to minimize TCO while preserving ROI and technological currency. We also provide customers success metrics so they can measure and evaluate their investments.

We have tens of successful deployments of monitoring solutions from our strategic partners, but we also have experience with integration of competitive solutions, as per our customer preferences.


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