Network traffic monitoring

It’s mandatory to monitor and manage network infrastructure. The larger it is, the more important a correct approach to network device monitoring is. Especially, when it is a hybrid environment, including traditional and cloud data centers. While open source infrastructure monitoring solutions seem appealing at  glance, it is not the only aspect of network monitoring you should consider.

We deliver solutions that address all needs in network monitoring and diagnostics, such as:

  • Automated anomaly detection;
  • Identification and fault domain isolation for network infrastructure bottlenecks, bandwidth usage, availability and performance of network services and support in root cause analysis;
  • Multi-hop network traffic (packet data) analysis to determine what network segments underperform;
  • Real-time alerting;
  • Ability to reconstruct the user/service activity based on captured packet data;
  • Support for security team in breach investigation.

If your users suffer from network outages or performance issues, or you need more insight into network activities, or maybe your organization suffers from internal data leakages, network monitoring is a solution for you.


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