Full stack monitoring

Dynatrace monitoring platform has certain unique features that make it complete and comprehensive, real full stack monitoring. Apart from tracking 100% of transactions, regardless of where and how the applications are deployed, and what technology stack has been used, Dynatrace provides autodetection and end-to-end monitoring of all application components.

It also provides:

  • Actionable information on application performance;
  • Real user experience for all application users;
  • Full insight into dynamics of the application environments, including cloud, containers, and microservices;
  • Information on how hardware and OS resources impact the application performance;
  • Network influence on transactions.

    Dynatrace detects, models, and monitors all application tiers and components, analyzes automatically all dependencies to detect and identify performance and availability issues. All this happens based on artificial intelligence, so you get precise answers with the supporting information, not only data and charts.


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