CI/CD process automation for DevOps

Are you considering modernization of your application development life cycle and return on investment? Are you thinking of speeding up software releases? Do you need right tailored tooling that supports modern enterprises? Dynatrace provides:

  • CI/CD automation for real DevOps adoption towards NoOps;
  • Regression test automation – easily compare response times, depliyments, exceptions or database performance;
  • Detection of weakness areas before the application gets into your production environment and performance issues affect the customers.

You are no longer forced to look for a root cause manually. Dynatrace does that for you automatically, based on artificial intelligence.


Millions of application component dependencies are analyzed continuously to identify a potential performance problem and notify you, before end users even notice any performance degradation. Dynatrace not only analyzes transactions and application code, it also takes application logs into consideration to perform root cause analysis at a level never achieved before.


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