Application performance monitoring

Insight into 100% of transactions of your application is mandatory to understand how it works on different abstraction levels, from service to application code. Dynatrace provides you a unique end-to-end view through all the application tiers, all users, and all the components. It is achieved by:

  • Automated discovery and mapping of all application components;
  • Continuous 24x7x365 operation and 100% transaction tracing;
  • Real user monitoring combined with service and transaction flow.

Dynatrace does not apply transaction sampling, like some other APM vendors, so you have the complete data, extremely important in fast-paced complex environments.

    Having the complete data, Dynatrace can automatically identify potential performance bottlenecks for each and every transaction and every user. On that basis, you can:

    • Analyze end-to-end user actions and how they traverse your application tiers;
    • Identify and diagnose application code responsible for performance bottlenecks.
    • Thanks to patented technology, PurePath®, combined with automated log analytics,

    Dynatrace is a unique solution that provides you an ability to:

    • proactively detect performance issues based on transactions and log entries;
    • Identify application design flaws under heavy load.


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