What is an Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE)?

Simply put, an ADE is an organization built to successfully navigate and succeed in the digital era through agility, customer centricity, and actionable insights. It is built on five technology-enabled tenets:

  1. A transcendent customer experience is key when you’re only as good as your latest app release. Today’s most agile apps create a compelling user experience (UX) with outstanding design and connected microservices. For many of the most critical applications that includes microservices running on mainframes.
  2. Automation everywhere is inter-woven throughout – providing predictive models for issue resolution, knowledge sharing, app development and deployment, and much more.
  3. An enterprise DevOps approach is necessary to deliver differentiated customer experiences. Developers are users too and they need a compelling developer experience (DX) that enables them to jumpstart application development from mobile to mainframe.
  4. A data driven approach with predictive models can help our customers gain insights and achieve a faster time to value from their technology investments in development, operations and security.
  5. Adaptive cybersecurity protects the mainframe from vulnerabilities and risks, predicts attacks before they happen and informs Security & Operations how to harden the mainframe against future threats.

Autonomous Digital Enterprise | Compuware

When our customers can bring all five of these pillars together, they’re truly an Autonomous Digital Enterprise with benefits ranging from faster time to market with apps and services, an environment that’s just as innovative as it is secure and experience greater cost efficiencies.