About us

Who we are

Omnilogy has been founded and emerged as a superposition of managerial and consultancy competencies, as well as practical engineering and design skills. We are the team, whose the foundation and the highest value is knowledge and experiences  collected over decades, delivering projects and solutions for customers in Europe and Asia, in countries such as Poland, Russia, Germany, Romania, Estonia, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, and India.

As we believe in people and their skills, Omnilogy is a unique collection of talented and skillful team players, who over decades gathered their experience in requirement analysis, design, implementation and delivery of application and network monitoring solutions for enterprise-grade customers.

We also support our clients in test automation and big data analytics and visualization.

We are passionate about technology and want to share our expertise and enthusiasm with our customers to help them accomplish their goals by designing and delivering monitoring solutions. We realize that fast changing technologies and demanding users.

Based on our experience, we can design, implement, and deliver a custom solution based on the best available components provided by world leaders in APM/DPM/NPMD.

We support business users, software architects, and UX designers with our own software solution for monitoring and user behavior analytics — Omniscopy and Omniflow (link to the corresponding use case).



Our team

Jacek Kujawa, CEO


Tomasz Płoński,
APM Principal


Sławomir Michalik, CTO


Marek Walczak,
Sales Director


Support Team


Jakub Polak,
Log Analytics Leader


Strategic partners


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