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Developer First Application Security

We are excited to announce an exclusive webinar showcasing the partnership between Snyk and Omnilogy and our collaborative approach to providing world-class application security services.

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As industries evolve, so does the need for robust and scalable security solutions. Discover how our joint solutions can propel your business into a secure future.


    Who is Omnilogy? Dive into the world of Omnilogy and discover our expertise.
    Who is Snyk? Understand the vision, mission, and strengths of Snyk.
    How We Work Together: Explore the synergies between Omnilogy and Snyk.
    Problems We Solve for Customers: Addressing today's challenges with innovative solutions.
    Joint Live Demo: Experience our offerings firsthand with a live demo. Tomek will provide insightful Polish commentary.
    The Snyk Ecosystem Why our collaboration brings unparalleled benefits.
    Q&A: Have questions? We're here to answer them.
    Next Steps: How you can embark on this journey with us.

    We look forward to sharing our expertise and exploring how our joint solutions can benefit your organization. Spaces are limited, so please ensure to register at the earliest to secure your spot.

    See you at the webinar!
    Snyk & Omnilogy Teams

Event Date & Time

Date: Wednesday, September 27th
Time: 11-12:00 AM CEST

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