Dynatrace announces enhanced AI-powered observability for all AWS services

2 July, 2021 16:05 10 min Administrator

Integrating all AWS services enables organizations to accelerate cloud migration and digital transformation with automation and precise AI-powered answers

WALTHAM, MA, Aug 27, 2020 — Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), announced today the extension of its Software Intelligence Platform to support all services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that publish metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, a fully managed AWS service that provides monitoring and observability of AWS resources and applications on AWS and on-premises environments. Combining Amazon CloudWatch metrics with the data already captured by the Dynatrace® platform provides customers with richer context and more precise answers for their dynamic AWS and hybrid-cloud environments, helping to drive faster cloud adoption and accelerate their digital transformation.

“AWS and Dynatrace are core pillars in our cloud strategy, and play a key role in our digital transformation,” said Chris Deane, Senior Engineering Manager, Platform Services, BT Consumer. “To successfully achieve our digital business objectives, we need confidence in our ability to quickly migrate to and run more services in the cloud, without increased risk. That’s why the observability and AI-assistance from Dynatrace is so important. These latest enhancements to the Dynatrace platform make it even easier to continually optimize our cloud environment and improve the outcomes of our digital transformation.”

With these enhancements, Dynatrace will automatically identify and collect metrics from the 95 AWS services currently supported by Amazon CloudWatch. This enriches Dynatrace’s AI-powered answers with the latest services from AWS, including Amazon MSKAmazon Route 53Amazon SagemakerAmazon Neptune, and Amazon MQ. Metrics from these and all services that publish metrics to CloudWatch are automatically combined with the distributed tracing, log, user experience, and other observability data already processed by the Dynatrace platform. As a result, Dynatrace-AWS customers not only get all CloudWatch metrics streamed to dashboards automatically, they also gain automatic, self-adjusting baselining, immediate anomaly detection, and precise root-cause determination prioritized by business impact across their entire AWS and hybrid/multicloud environment. This combination of CloudWatch metrics, additional observability data, automation, and AI-powered assistance saves digital teams considerable time and resources, allowing them to focus on innovative, high-value tasks that drive better business outcomes.

“As organizations increasingly invest in cloud-native development using AWS, as well as microservices and Kubernetes architectures, complete visibility into these dynamic environments is critical,” said Bob Wilkinson, GM Monitoring and Observability Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Organizations need the right capabilities to achieve that level of visibility, and Dynatrace can be a key part of the solution along with Amazon CloudWatch. I am excited the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform now supports any AWS service that publishes metrics to CloudWatch. This enables even greater automation and observability for customers as they migrate architectures to AWS.”

“Our customers are accelerating their digital transformation, and many are adopting AWS to help them on that journey. We built our Software Intelligence Platform purposefully for dynamic environments such as AWS, with AI-assistance and continuous automation at the core,” said Steve Tack, SVP Product Management, Dynatrace. “We’ve always delivered distributed tracing and code-level insights for applications and microservices running on AWS. This enhanced AWS integration allows us to provide rapid support as Amazon introduces new services for observability into any layer or service in their cloud stack. We are proud of our relationship with AWS and the enhanced value we continue to deliver to joint customers.”

Dynatrace’s ability to ingest metrics from the 95 AWS CloudWatch services will be available within the next 60 days. For more information on the new enhancements to Dynatrace’s capabilities for AWS, visit the Dynatrace blog.

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